Seco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tools for the machining industries. Today, it is a global company with subsidiaries and representation on all continents.

Seco chose Borgströms to market a completely new drill type. The brief included coming up with a name.
    The new drill’s construction eliminated the need to regrind dull drills. With the new Seco drill all you needed to do was exchange the dull drill crown for a new one.
    Because the construction locks the crown in the top of the drill, the agency came up with the name Seco CrownLoc.
    Since CrownLoc was first on the
market with an exchangeable drill crown,
it beefed up the profile of Seco Tools as
an innovative techno­logy company.
    Marketing was massive. It included ads in the international industrial trade press, tool brochures in different languages,
trade fair material, internal sales material and press releases.

The campaign had great impact. Strong demand for the product in response to the very first advertising period, forced postponement of part of the campaign.
    Today, the Seco CrownLoc is the first choice for hole making for many manufacturing industries.