The company used to be called Rexuma. The business idea was making PC workstations more effective.
    This service made office and computer equipment work better as a unit.

Rexuma’s profile was unclear and there was a problem in making the service known to a broad segment. Yet the service filled an obvious need.
    At workplaces, tangles of electricity leads and computer cables create a cluttered, unproductive impression.
    But how do you sell a service everyone needs but no-one misses?
    The agency proposed three vital changes: change to a company name that associated to the business idea; get a name for the service that clarified what it did; and get a logo that vividly communicated “neat
and tidy”.
    The new name for the company and its service became ClearDesk.

ClearDesk quickly increased turnover and clients. Among them big names like Telia, Ericsson, SJ (Swedish Railways) and Rikspolisstyrelsen (National Police Board).
    In addition, new part owners brought in greater resources.