A collaboration with resorts in the Åre mountain region, involving slopes, ski lifts, hotels, cabin complexes and restaurants.

The brief was to market attractions in the Åredalen valley, get their individual messages noticed and get more visitors.
    The agency presented a three-winter strategy. The plan was for all actors to combine their marketing.
    This differentiated the group from all other ski resorts in Sweden and the Nordic region and strengthened Åre as a brand.
    The message: Åre – Northern Europe’s alpine centre.
    Marketing included a new logo, ads in the daily press and new ski catalogues each season.

Post-campaign market research by Temo showed better numbers than any other advertiser for the period.
    68 % had noticed the campaign. 41 % had read the ads. 38 % had message recall.
    Best of all, more tourists were choosing Åre as a destination.